Terms of Use

“Terms and conditions” refers to the legal agreement between two parties, often a company or service provider and a user or customer. The terms and conditions typically outline the rules, regulations, and expectations governing the use of a product or service. These may include terms of service, privacy policies, and other legal agreements that establish the rights and responsibilities of each party.Terms and conditions may include provisions related to intellectual property, warranties, liability, indemnification, dispute resolution, and other legal issues. Users are usually required to agree to these terms and conditions before using a product or service, and failure to comply with them can result in termination of access to the product or service, or even legal action.

  • Payment will be in advance with confirmed Purchase Order only.
  • Delivery as per requirement.
  • Taxes extra (as per actual.
  • Maintenance and Service of the Equipment’s will be done by BLUEOASISIT PVT LTD and only Hardware related problems will be attended.
  • We Rent only Hardware and not the Operating system or Software. No preloaded software will be provided.
  • Any Breakage/Theft/Burnt shall be charged extra. (Amount payable for the Damage will be informed after inspection of the machine in 5-7 working days maximum.